What We Do

Drug and or Alcohol misuse may be happening in your home or affecting someone close to you. You may feel alone, unable to cope, frightened, angry or confused. However you are not to blame. Families are often crucial to recovery and Hetty’s can offer you strength to feel you can cope better.

Telephone Support

Hetty’s provides a free confidential telephone support line 08000 850941 which is open seven days a week, all year around, between the times of 9.00a.m. to 7.00p.m. (including bank holidays and weekends) The phone is answered by a small team of trained workers or volunteers who have personal experience of family issues around drug / alcohol misuse and who will offer you a non judgmental listening ear, discuss support options, give information on local services, and or arrange to send you specific leaflets tailored to your needs.

Text Service

We realise that families can often find it really difficult to make the first step of picking up the phone and accessing help and support for themselves. We also recognise that people with hearing or speech difficulties are not always able to access us via our support line.

Text 07896 228547 Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm.

Group Support

Families are offered group support with others who are also affected by some else's drug or alcohol use. The groups are facilitated by a qualified and empathetic worker or volunteer who may have personal experience of these issues. The aim of this work is to enable you to meet others in similar situations to yourself and provide a safe environment in which to share experiences and to empower you to help one another move forward which will benefit the whole family. We also offer short interactive focused groups around building confidence, assertiveness, understanding addiction and the effects of drug/alcohol use. These groups are held in the districts of Ashfield, Mansfield, Newark and Sherwood and Bassetlaw on a regular basis. If you are interested in joining any of these groups please call us on the support line to find out specific dates, venues and times.

Individual (one to one) Support

Families are able to access individual support within their home, local Recovery Centre or alternative venue. Some people feel more comfortable talking about their experiences within their own home or in a comfortable place close to their home. All families will be entitled to an assessment so the Family Recovery Worker will be able to offer you the most appropriate support. The worker will usually see you on a fortnightly basis which is then reviewed at 12 weeks to ensure we are giving you the right support at the right time. Hetty’s aim to give you flexible and responsive support that will help you make sense of your situation and move forward. The workers are very skilled and have a wide knowledge base as well as personal experience.

Workers can;

  • Talk you through the treatment and support options available for your loved one
  • Give education around drugs/alcohol and their effects
  • Ensure you and your other family members feel physically and emotionally safe
  • Support you with improving relationships with your loved one or other members of your family
  • Help reduce your stress/anxiety and worry levels
  • Improve your ability to cope and deal with any difficult situations
  • In depth work and support around setting and keeping boundaries
  • Increase your access to a wider social support network

Criminal Justice Work

Hetty's works in partnership with local prisons delivering structured sessions to prisoners attending Drug Treatment Programs. The aim of the session is to encourage discussion around responsibility for the breakdown of family relationships and how family members may have been affected by their substance misuse. We give prisoners the opportunity during the session to refer their family to Hetty’s for support. This can help to improve understanding or begin to build bridges for improved communication between family members.

Hetty’s also works in partnership with Nottinghamshire Probation services to deliver a 3 week course to offenders who have substance misuse problems. The course is called Positive Relationships for Recovery (PRR) this again encourages discussion around acceptance of personal responsibility and how families have been affected. We give families the opportunity to attend session 3, to be able to express their views and discuss the support available from Hetty’s. Hetty’s aim to offer ongoing support to families and offenders after the course to explore options together.

Kinship Care

What is Kinship care?

The term 'kinship' care describes a type of care and living arrangement for a child who has to live away from his or her parental home, and is cared for full-time by a member of the child's extended family or friend. A kinship care arrangement is one either initiated by a local authority or via a relative or friend, and could involve some sort of assistance or arrangement, including making decisions about legal orders, financial and social work support.

The main reason for people becoming kinship carers is to avoid their loved ones' children being taken into the care of the local authority.

This, for the kinship carer, is something that has not necessarily been planned or even wanted, but never the less been done out of love, devotion, duty, commitment and all the right reasons for the child's best interests.

Kinship Care difficulties...

  • Feeling isolated, not knowing anyone else in their situation, not fitting in with peers
  • Being unsure about benefit entitlements and being reluctant to ask for help
  • Finding information, advice and advocacy services
  • Needing assistance with their relationship with their own child (parent of grandchild) as well as other family members
  • Coping with strain on relationship with own partner
  • Feeling estranged from own age group and not fitting into resources for parents e.g. mother and toddler groups etc

There are many more difficulties, questions and emotions attached to kinship care.

Hetty's appreciate and understand the demanding emotional, physical, practical and financial implications of becoming and being a kinship carer. This has led us to providing a specialist kinship care worker, support package, (available on request) and this information leaflet.

All of this combined is offered to you to hopefully;

  • lighten the load a little
  • Alleviate some of the stress
  • Answer some of your many questions.

Give us a call for an informal chat or to book an appointment with our Kinship Care Worker.

You can find more information at www.frg.org.uk

Mentoring / Peer Support

Mentoring and befriending makes a real difference to people who find themselves struggling and find that they need the dedicated support of another person to help them navigate their way through. It covers a range of supportive and purposeful activity involving the development of a relationship in which one person, who is not family or a close friend, gives time to support and encourage another. A matching process takes place to ensure you get the right person to be there for you.

We have a range of informal peer support sessions that happen across the county where a range of clients with similar interests have been introduced to each other and they have created lasting friendships. This continues to be an opportunity available for all our families to increase their social support network.


Hetty’s offers an innovative addition to their existing service delivery, by offering mediation sessions to service users and their families.  

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which people who are in conflict, work together on their own solutions with the impartial guidance of the mediators.

The process means that you sit down with the mediators to identify issues that cause you conflict, have uninterrupted time to talk, and your feelings are heard by the other person.

Mediation provides a safe environment for families to voice their concerns and for both people to get some kind of agreement or shift in behaviour.

The session helps to build communication, and aims to improve future relationships between families.

Mediation can take place at our properties based in Worksop or Mansfield, or in the local Recovery Centres in Nottinghamshire.

Hetty’s also offers mediation within prisons to offenders and families. This is extremely helpful when the prisoner is due for release. Families often tell us they stick to safe topics of conversation when on visits and sometimes it’s not possible to discuss any worries about the release of a loved one and expectations of each other, how your relationship can move forward together and practical issues around housing and ground rules. Mediation can be a fantastic support at this time to enable you to have some of those discussions in a safe place with a trained worker. This would take place in conjunction with the prisoner’s worker and in the prison setting.

Complimentary Therapies

Hetty's offers a wide range of complementary therapy sessions across Nottinghamshire to aid relaxation and promote health and well being. These can include, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Colour therapy, Swedish body massage, Hopi ear candles, Vibration sound therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Reflexology. Therapies are delivered by trained and qualified therapists with full insurance cover. All sessions are heavily subsidised at £5 per half hour session for Hetty's clients and £10 for anyone else who may be interested. For more information and advice around the benefits of each of the complimentary therapies on offer at Hetty’s, call the main office number on 01623 643476.

Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Training Course

Hetty's have a fully qualified Reiki Master who runs these particular courses at regular intervals at our office base in Mansfield. Our maximum numbers for each course is six people, as we like to ensure that our training sessions are a personal and beautiful experience

Reiki 1 enables you to self heal and give Reiki to family and friends.

Reiki 2 gives you the opportunity to further develop your skills and become a Reiki practitioner.

Course fees
Reiki 1 £70
Reiki 2 £120