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Hetty's Privacy Notice

Hetty’s take data protections obligations and your privacy extremely seriously.
Please read the attached Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice


This document explains how we at Hetty’s use data about living individuals.

Why do we need your information?
Hetty’s supports families across the 7 districts of Nottinghamshire affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol misuse. Hetty’s collate data on clients who choose to access Hetty’s services. Client records are collated to ensure that we can best meet your immediate and future needs, prevent harm/risk to yourself and others, where possible enabling both yourself and those connected to you to recover and flourish. As a voluntary service, Hetty’s promotes the use of a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, we compile volunteer information, enabling us to keep accurate and up to date volunteer details. As a charity we actively seek fundraising opportunities and we hold donor records as part of our compliance with HMRC, the Charities Commission, and other legal bodies, so that we can show accountability on where fundraising income has come from.

Whose data do we collect?
We hold data on clients/individuals who directly access Hetty’s support services, and third party information received from the individuals about other people who are affecting, or affected by, the family unit. We collect data on employees and both active and prospective volunteers, trustees, and donors.

How we obtain your data
The vast majority of the information Hetty’s holds about you has been provided directly to us by you through our client registration process.
In some cases we may collect data from other services who are directly involved in your circumstances/situation, or may have signposted you to Hetty’s service e.g. Social services.
We also collect data from Hetty’s social media sites, where you have actively joined and liked our pages, or accepted/initiated ‘friend requests’.

What we do with your data and why

Hetty’s Clients

The core purposes of our data processing are:

• To keep an accurate and factual record of your recovery journey, identifying your immediate and future needs, potential risks, and account for the work/support undertaken and delivered.
• To record data given to us by you, on other members of the family who are directly related to you or impacting on your life, in order for us to offer the best advice available for both yourself, the substance user you are affected by, and also to protect and safeguard the needs of any children within the family unit.
• To send communications to you about Hetty’s services, events, groups etc. that may be of benefit/interest to you.
• To collate service evaluation and feedback from individuals who have accessed one or more of Hetty’s interventions. Client feedback enables us to evidence the needs of services for families to future funders.

• To keep accurate HR and volunteer application information and training records, enabling Hetty’s to safely and effectively utilise volunteers as a valuable resource in supporting service delivery to families across Nottinghamshire.

• To record information from individuals who have donated to Hetty’s service to adhere to any HMRC or other legal body’s regulations.

We collect the following classes of information from clients, service users, and volunteers.

1. Name(s) and address, email, phone number, (DOB, gender, sexuality, religion and ethnicity if disclosed) and other relevant contact details and preferences status as to your parenting capacity, e.g. are you a Kinship Carer?
2. Relevant information related to the substance user (who you are affected by and requiring support for) including information on the substance user’s drug of choice and treatment status.
3. Relevant information regarding children, to ensure they are safeguarded from risk of harm.
4. Referral information and other services who may be involved with your case.
5. Information about our working relationship with you, correspondence, meeting notes, attendance at events etc.
6. Records of employment, volunteering, and training

Information on Donors

We collect non-sensitive personal information in order to accurately process donations, online giving, and gift aid. Some of the information may also be processed in all the ways described above, under “Clients/service users and Volunteers” since many donors also volunteer for the Hetty’s or have been a client of the service.

We collect the following classes of information:

• Name(s) and address, email, phone number, type of donation e.g cash, cheques, online, gift aid. Bank details are requested if relevant to the type of donation, and other relevant contact details and preferences
• Purpose and details about a donation or fundraising activity
• Information about our relationship with you, correspondence, meeting notes, attendance at events etc.
Protecting your data
Hetty’s securely stores your data on a bespoke computerised database which has the appropriate security mechanisms in place.

In principle we do not share your data with anyone else or any other organisation unless it is necessary for the purpose for which you have given us the data. Examples are given below:

• We will provide information to HMRC on Gift Aided donations since we have a legal obligation to provide this information.
• If we deem an individual vulnerable or at risk, we have a duty to share information with the police, social services or if ordered to do so by a court of law.
• We may share basic information on the attendees at an event, or function or meeting, with the host or other person who has a volunteer role within Hetty’s.
• We may pass data to other organisations, known as Data Processors, to provide specific services to us. An example would be providing data to a mailing house in order to send a newsletter. A contract is always in place with a Data Processor, and they are not allowed to do anything with your data other than that which we have requested.

Our responsibilities

The law requires us to tell you the basis on which we process your data.

• Processing your data to enable Hetty’s to offer you confidential support via the telephone, face to face, text or email is processed under legitimate interests. E.g. we need the date to enable us to help you.
• Processing data with relevance to the substance user you are accessing support because of, we are required to obtain your consent to do so or to request that you have obtained their consent to provide us with their data. However this information can also be processed on the basis of legitimate and/ vital interest.
• Some activities (for example sending you emails which promote Hetty’s aims and objectives, events etc.) require your consent. If the law requires your consent to process data in a certain way then we will obtain it before carrying out that activity.
• All donor information is processed within the data protection legislation under legitimate interest to do so, but only so long as we need to and your “interests or your fundamental rights and freedoms are not overriding”.

• Hetty’s will keep data for as long as legally required to do so. Relationships between Hetty’s clients, substance users, volunteers, employees and donors, are often long term, and so we expect to keep your data for as long as that relationship exists, or until we no longer need it under employment and safeguarding rules and regulations.
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